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Since the global financial crisis, most industries were hard hit into a lengthy recovery period. Although the “winter” is long, there is a domestic market cake bigger and bigger, but this is the jewelry industry. 2015 total gold and jewelry retail China has more than 500 billion yuan, while in 2011, industry-wide sales of less than 2,000 yuan, only three to five years to achieve double behind this is entirely due to Chinese new female consumer fast-growing market.

On the consumption side of the jewelry, in fact, Chinese women have been repressed for years. There are research report, China’s mainland female jewelry currently has a rate of about 16%, well below the 48% and 68% in South Korea, Hong Kong, and even lags behind Thailand and Malaysia, and Chinese women jewelry per capita expenditure of $ 5.2, only American women of 1/6. With the international average gap is so great, is it because women do not love Chinese jewelry What? No, thrifty spending habits and constraints of the majority of women love jewelry pursuit of social traditional family devotion.

In fact, jewelry and women are born with inseparable relationship. People always say that a woman’s life would not only have a piece of jewelry, but there is always something that would make people remember. Behind every legend of women, often accompanied by a total collection of dazzling jewelry handed down. When a woman meets a tasteful refined fine jewelry, there will be a sense of sympathetic feelings between the two. What is a woman gives Reiki jewelry, jewelry or give Ray a woman? This special relationship is difficult to say clearly, but the woman because even more colorful and decorative jewelry, jewelry but also because of the beautiful woman with life and spirituality.

Shakespeare once said, “jewelry silent, more than any language to impress a woman’s heart.” Only women know jewelry in their eyes it is not only a piece of jewelry, jewelery for women is a refined, pure the ideal life. Jewelry with foil and let the woman in the crowd shine, it gives women confidence, potentially enhance femininity, her beauty amorous.

With the increase of Chinese female share of employment promotion and social status, so that women become the future consumption is expected to continue to grow in the consumer industries outlet. In “She economy” era, much favored female jewelry natural market prospect.

The consensus forecast is that between 2010-2020 the Decade Chinese middle class, which is the household disposable income reached US $ 16000-34000 population will grow by 10 times, China’s per capita GDP reached $ 8185, which has reached the seventies and eighties of the last century, the United States level years of rich Chinese people start spending money, the modern history of China’s first generation replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry did not experience hunger completely crowd formal stage of history, become the most important consumer force in society.

This emerging consumer stocks just how powerful? We can refer to overseas markets, the United States each year the female consumer is $ 7 trillion, equivalent to half of the US GDP. Its position in this regard because women already imitation Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry improving, partly because the final product is actually a lot of men by women also need to decide to buy.

In China large transfer process from manufacturing to service industries, the competitive disadvantage of women in the workplace are gradually disappearing. Currently 22% of Chinese enterprises CFO are held by women, and women have a considerable number of middle and senior management positions. Now we ran the investment bank Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry knockoffs and saw a lot of female banker, consulting firms a lot of female associate, gradually increase the income of women’s purchasing power Van Cleef and Arpels imitation jewelry naturally pulled up, bright and magnificent jewelry women will be the most important consumer battlefield.

The current Chinese women play multiple roles in society, they are daughters, wives and mothers. Family structure 4/2/1 woman in the family to become the key decision makers in charge of spending the whole family, so there is a slogan replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace called “I am responsible for beautiful flower, you are responsible support the family, the way to help your steward”, the decision to use the funds right in the hands of women, more and more women began to pursue those uniquely able to display their own unique products or services to high-end jewelry, represented by female consumerism will inevitably become the mainstream of the new era.

China’s current jewelry consumer demand is also relatively Van Cleef replica simple, traditional marriage, celebration still holds the bulk of consumption, but with the people of jewelry collections, accessories category increased demand, the outbreak of Chinese women of high-end jewelry consumption is imminent, it would be having thousands one hundred million yuan market scale of imagination in urgent need of more companies to join together to promote the improvement and upgrading of the jewelry consumer market.

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replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

According to Lin Boming introduction, the data show, the future of China’s luxury collectors will reach 250 million, the market is undoubtedly huge. Therefore, China’s second-hand luxury goods market is being auction attention. At the same time, once the film is high-priced luxury goods, but also to improve the replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry social status invisible for the brand, it can be described as win-win.

Lin Boming said some mainland buyers are very concerned about grades, they quite knowledgeable, well aware of colors, materials and prices. “Most mainland buyers had had some collections, we hope to find a particular color, type Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry knockoffs of bag is usually very high value, very rare, the finest material, at least some of the colors.”

From the major auction houses auction, although the luxury retail market bottlenecks in China, but its collection potential is still not be underestimated. The industry believes that the mainland jewelry watches luxury market is not fully open, the Van Cleef and Arpels imitation jewelry future market potential, to discover new markets, develop new hot spot this year, a number of international auction companies invariably introduce new elements, new models, accelerate the development of the market.

Bonhams Jewelry Head Zhao bisulfite bluntly replica Van Cleef Arpels last year, the British auction industry has to statistics, China has purchased a luxury goods group has reached more than 90 million. “Although at present can only be regarded as a luxury auction art market is a relatively new concept, but a lot of the auction results showed a steady rise in the overall luxury goods not only in the auction price, but with the growing size of the auction and the total turnover zoom in on the luxury art auction market share is also increasing rapidly. ”

Zhao bisulfite added: “We have always firmly vca replicas believed that luxury goods in China occupy a certain market share, as the market demand will be adjusted accordingly over time, changing public tastes and trends, popular jewelry category also occur. change. we are optimistic about the future of the Chinese market. ”

Jiucheng luxury does not hedge

Luxury relevant domestic film market increased, but also gave the impression to some buyers of luxury properties with a hedge against inflation, but experts said that not all of the luxuries can hedge against inflation.

“90% of the luxury goods is a consumable.” President of the Institute of Quality wealth Zhou Ting said the luxury brand has always stressed that their prices every year, the purpose is to protect their brand image, maintaining brand bargaining space, maintain the highest profits. “Luxury include a very wide range of small to Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas clothing, to large aircraft yachts, including jewelry watches are included, but generally speaking, for some type of luxury consumption, its preservation and appreciation is more of a gimmick . ”

Ji Tao also believes that after the new prices and buy hedge are two different things. He pointed out that every year in the price such as Rolex, Hermes and Chanel bag prices every year, but this does not mean that they will be able to price in the secondary market, even in the secondary market rose, it can not value back to its original price of the package. Because it is a consumer product properties. Most people have misunderstood something, the purchase of luxury goods and luxury goods investment behavior equated, which is completely different.

In addition, the domestic luxury goods does not hedge reasons Another very important point: the secondary market immature, so the luxury investment channel is not smooth. According to insiders, “If you have a watch hand, how many people that you’re looking to sell them by the way how it is a problem. Currently the mainland can be realized, either pawn or auction, the channel is less. secondary market is not prosperity, your investment will be greatly reduced. ”

Zhou Ting also pointed out that many investors do not have the luxury interior maintenance maintenance experience, but also caused 95% of the luxury goods can not achieve its investment property. Its example, saying that you want to watch a good hedge against inflation requires repair, maintenance, “watches worn, it is bound to be damage, which affects the accuracy when it’s gone, and 95% of the investment of Chinese people do not know how to watch, to send regularly watches back to Swiss factory for repair or maintenance due to lack of maintenance, the watches to be in the secondary market trading, hedging its rate will be greatly reduced. “

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10, enjoyed “king of jewellers, jewelers emperor” the reputation of the world’s top luxury leaders Cartier, in Deji Plaza held a beautiful ceremony to celebrate the new Nanjing boutique opening. Hundreds of celebrities and guests attended the event, event highlights the many, one climax after another, as the ancient capital of the new year brought brilliant starlight.
Luxury hall, hundreds of millions of jewelry
The magnificent Nanjing Cartire boutique sparkling, attracted the eyes of all the guests. Boutique by former French President Francois Mitterrand’s Royal designer Bruno Mr. Moinard design take global synchronization of the concept of “copper” style of decoration. Walking through them, replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry as if into the Paris Champs Elysees or Hollywood Beverly Hills Cartier boutique, real respect feelings such as fragrance like diffuse around: gorgeous crystal chandelier, expensive wool carpets, exquisite leather sofa, romantic wedding salon and distinguished private dense VIP reception room, with rich taste of details about the truth of luxury.
Precious jewels and the stunning debut also let guests eye-opening. Contains multiple series of orchid, cheetah, love, blue balloons classic jewelry and watch masterpiece, the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas price as high as about one trillion and forty million. All is specially from abroad from the air, full of a feast. The U. S. diamond ring the gold value about fifty-eight million, 24.04 carat diamonds weighing a total of; and about twenty-one million another gold of 1.019 carat pear shape cut diamond ring, and Tony Leung Chiu Wai courted Carina Lau used diamond ring styles similar. Two pieces of national diamond diamond have reached the level of D/IF, namely clarity, color are reached diamond level to the highest level, perfect, fully demonstrated the Cartier jewelry emperor’s authority.
Bright stars show
With full of romantic French chanson, dressed in haute couture dress of China Taiwan supermodel Lin Youli, Wang Liya with a congregation of Europe and the United States hunks and babes from arena leisurely out, graceful, standing, knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and let the people of the finger flashing extraordinary gorgeous jewelry and watches is born yearning heart. Finale by modeling the romantic wedding dress appearance, soulful embark on the red carpet at the moment, elegant bride dazzling diamond wedding ring with the groom’s wedding ring embraced and intertwined.
Cartier side has no shortage of star figure, the Hong Kong famous film Song triphibian star Julian and the mainland line strength star Yuan Quan is as a special guest invited to attend, for the site to add bright color. Elegant temperament of them this time to attend the opening ceremony of the Cartire Nanjing store, the edge of the two people are very early Cartire’s loyal fans”. It comes to the feelings of Cartier, Julian and Yuan Quan similarly said the identity Cartier implication profound brand culture and her unique eternal design concept.
History gallery, classic taste
To allow guests to more in-depth understanding of the luxury brand of glorious history, Cartier also ingenuity in site built a pair of elegant red corridor, with illustrations in the form of vivid show their famous in legend of the world. Creative inspiration from the brand origin to classical masterpieces, from senior jewelry making to China’s 100 years of romance, more than 160 years time so tirelessly to.
Cartier, general manager of the eastern region Jian Yawen lady talked about feeling store opening, Nanjing is a charm of the city, Van Cleef and Arpels imitation jewelry with its profound historical and cultural heritage let me full of the sense of intimacy and identity, because Cartier is also a also has has a long history and rich connotation of the brand. I believe this wonderful connection will bring us a lot of things to share with each other. As our first boutique in Jiangsu Province, I have confidence in the future of the store in Nanjing “.