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Most Western countries to February 14 as Valentine’s Day, but solicitous of Brazil has chosen in the annual June 12 (day week) celebrates love.

According to legend, Brazilian Valentine’s Day with a Catholic priest of San Antonio related to the anniversary. In Brazil, Cartier Jewelry Replicas, the San Antonio is difficult to help the public saint, also known as Brazil’s “joking”, the Church of San Antonio is the most important place to celebrate the holidays, Valentine’s Day activities every year.

Gold to build respect, both the gold and platinum elegant grace. Tough and gentle majesty King diamond ring rounded Queen complement each other, refined and elegant luster and shape the interpretation of the crown of endless charm.

Large pieces Crystal Moonlight earrings and bracelet carved gives a sense of lightness, under the warm yellow light, cartier jewelry replicas wholesale ear Dinan, inadvertently revealed between crystal can express the most gentle romantic mood for Valentine’s Day.

This can bring good luck Talisman bracelet pendant small gold buckle made of gold heart-shaped pendant and Love Knot (Love Knot) noble symbol of love, ginkgo leaf pendant symbolizes health, as well as representatives of the key fob to open the door to a better life key.

Gold to build respect, both the gold and platinum elegant grace. Tough and gentle majesty King diamond ring rounded Queen complement each other, Bvlgari jewellery replicas refined and elegant luster and shape the interpretation of the crown of endless charm.

In Brazil, the San Antonio is difficult to help the public saint, also known as Brazil’s “joking”, the Church of San Antonio is the most important place to celebrate the holidays, Valentine’s Day activities every year.

Spanish jewelry brand Laliblue by two talented designer Gemma Arnal Jericó and Cristina Arnau Tena was founded in 2006. After seeing Laliblue work, replica cartier jewelry wholesale you will find a two designers still has a childlike innocence, they often childhood memories or stories as inspiration to produce a piece of whimsical and fantastic fine jewelry .

Recently, two designers and brand creation for the latest series –Magic Games, inspiration also comes from childhood memories, replica cartier jewelry wholesale such as picture card magic, shadow and so on. They used an interesting illustration style, retro color and fine hand-made technology, so that the girls wearing their jewelry once again fell into childhood memories.


Food goods can not resist the temptation of food, however, it has been troubled by weight gain. Now to eat the goods are a great solution to international cuisine worn on the hand, not only fancies, was a good mix of fashionable choice, replica Van cleef & Arpels fake jewelry kill two birds with one stone.

Transsphenoidal leaves, faint spit youth. AQUEEN youth series continues the brand essence “from all natural”, the designers of vivid butterflies dexterity, into a piece of unparalleled artistic jewelry, new interpretation butterfly elegant gesture.

Unlike previous AQUEEN butterfly shape, bvlgari replica jewelry wholesalers youth series butterfly changing shape, full of luxury and assertive beauty, elegance exudes light yellow diamond embedded in the wings among the colorful reflection of light.

Each young woman has her peerless she explains. AQUEEN youth series arouse women born elegance, the interpretation of natural art aesthetics.

All along, the Roman hedonism is unique philosophy of life: life is to indulge. In Rome’s most important philosophical and enjoy the moment of pleasure is the greatest happiness, after leading the Eternal City hedonistic way of life for centuries. Now, replica Bvlgari jewelry happiness is part of the Roman culture, but also give people a right of Rome.

Italian warmth and charm people away, where people to enjoy every kind of emotion, every good thing, every food and every color. Bulgari will enjoy from Rome’s most delicious and unique Roman affair dotted BVLGARI-BVLGARI ROMAN SORBETS series, life is full of pleasant sweet tribute to Italy. Unique style of Bulgari jewelry with precious and playful design to praise colorful life, the elegance of Italian life and culture perfect fusion of gorgeous jewelry.

Are in Rome, you can not miss from Roman jewelry.

sweet life

From Rome’s sweet life attracts many people come here to experience here endless inspiration and charm. Some people came to Rome, deeply fascinated by it, they seem reluctant to leave: the Eternal City once into their hearts, Replica Cartier Jewelry they integrate into their blood. Audrey Hepburn is the case, she indulge in Rome, and the city began three decades of romance.

1953 by virtue of her “Roman Holiday” won the Oscar, not only among the list Hollywood star, became a Roman spokesman. The girl riding a bicycle all over the world is the spiritual symbol of Rome, easy and free. The next few decades, and many of her films will continue to screen superstar back to Rome, then Rome has become an important film base. This time it is the famous Italian “Dolce Vita” era, “Hollywood on the Tiber” Rome Cinecittà Film City brings together numerous stars, feel the joy of life is full of Rome, but also created a series of film history crowned famous film .

Elizabeth Gilbert published “Eat, Pray, Love,” Hermes Jewelry Replica a book in 2006, adapted into a 2010 film by the same name starring Julia Roberts. In this film, “La Dolce Vita” was most vividly reflected. Hero experienced a painful divorce after a trip to Italy in Rome realized that food, nourish and enjoy the lifestyle. In this journey of self-discovery, she was enjoying the pure taste of Italy, can not help but close your eyes and immerse them. In a barber shop, she was told how the Italian people is to enjoy life, because they deserve so happy.

Happy does not need to fight, you just need to enjoy it.

BVLGARI-BVLGARI Series Evolution

Rooted in Rome, the development of traditional and modern perfect fusion, BVLGARI-BVLGARI series more than 40 years, Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Replica the perfect interpretation of the essence of Bulgari style content. In 1975, the glamorous BVLGARI ROMA series debut, BVLGARI-BVLGARI great artistic circle logo reminiscent of the curved text on ancient Roman coins imprinted, symbol of Roman history praise. Words BVLGARI-BVLGARI became the first jewelry can become eternal design elements brand symbol.

Each year, the iconic BVLGARI-BVLGARI logo With colorful precious stones to give a different interpretation, twin LOGO ring on the ring fingers as a gold coin. The series contains Italian spirit of continuous rejuvenation. This year, it is rare praise goes to Bulgari Rome Hedonism: lively Smart BVLGARI-BVLGARI ROMAN SORBETS.

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